Eligibility for Returns and Refunds

Users are eligible to receive refunds and/or returns only if the seller’s policy allows the same, which the Website and App have no control over and for which, We bear no liability.

Users shall contact the customer services team at contact[at]neopay[dot]club to return the product within 24 hours from receipt of the product.


Return for products

  1. Users shall intimate customer care within 24 hours from delivery else shall not be eligible for return
  2. The Users shall be required to provide information including their order details, reason for return and preference for either replacement product or a refund, along with photographs of the damaged product and the invoice. 
  3. The seller shall collect the products from your delivery address as per their policies.

The Website and App reserves its right to assess every request for return or refund on its own merits, in accordance with its own discretion and subject to the individual policies of the seller, and if the Website and App suspects any fraudulent transaction by any User, or any transaction violating the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy or any other policy of the Company, the Website and App shall be entitled to act in respect of such mala fides. The Website and App reserves its right to record details of Users engaging in fraudulent transactions or mala fide actions and cancel their orders, preventing them from using the Services.